Automotive Window Tinting Services In Scottsdale, Arizona

    Give yourself the gift of privacy with our top of the line window tinting technology. Our branded inventory consists of high quality window film and specialty products. Ghost Labs is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and services customers from across the greater metropolitan area, including Phoenix Paradise Valley. We provide excellent window tinting installations which are commonly performed during PPF or ceramic coating installations.

    Our licensed and insured technicians offer full-service vehicle tinting on most makes and models. Whether you need new tint installation or tint removal we can do it all! Tinting your car or truck can help protect your interior from the harsh Arizona sun and prevent fading and cracking of your leather seats and dash board. Tinting is also an excellent solution for privacy in your vehicle. Give us a call today 602-345-0090 or fill out our contact form below and one of our associates will call you.


    High Performance Ceramic

    Our top tier ceramic tint offers extreme heat rejection by blocking higher levels of infrared rays for a cooler driving experience.

    CeramicIR Series

    Ceramic Tint

    Innovative ceramic non-metal technology offers outstanding heat protection, clear connectivity and an attractive appearance.

    CXP™ & Carbon Series

    Carbon Tint

    Advanced nano-hybrid carbon technology without metals for non-reflective black tint, no signal interference, and outstanding solar protection.

    High Performance Series

    Metal-Dyed Tint

    Time-tested construction with metal-dyed film layers for scratch-resistance plus reduction of heat and glare. Available in charcoal, bronze and blue.

    Standard Pro & Standard Series

    Dyed Charcoal Tint

    Technology focused on optical clarity and window darkening, with a non-reflective appearance from both sides plus heat, glare and UV protection. 

    CoolSight™ Series

    Clear Tint

    Sophisticated nano-ceramic film for deluxe benefits without color. Excellent clarity, heat rejection and UV protection plus no signal interference.

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