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    Why Choose Ghost Labs for PPF for your Tesla Cybertruck?

    SunTek is a leader in clarity, simplicity and resistance. At Ghost Labs we offer certified and insured installations for Tesla Cybertruck PPF installations and replacements. Our paint protection services begin with our highly experienced technicians, who will talk you through our application process, suggested precautions and how to care for your new Tesla PPF going forward. We love SunTek because of it’s proven results and protection. Tesla owners across ScottsdaleParadise Valley and Phoenix choose Ghost Labs because of our knowledgeable experience with Tesla Cybertruck PPF installations.

    Many of our customers enjoy that they can apply an additional ceramic coating to their Cybertruck PPF for even more surface protection. Ceramic coatings are approved for use with the SunTek PPF, when applied over the surface of your PPF. The self-healing top-coat is highly sought after by many consumers. Most surface scratches will self-heal when exposed to heat from the sun or even warm water.

    Ask an associate about our window tinting or car wraps for the Cybertruck and ceramic coatings services as well for other Tesla vehicles.

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    Superior Protection Films

    SunTek is one of the most requested brands in the market and our preferred choice for Tesla PPF. It’s durability and long lasting protection makes SunTek the best choice for your Tesla. Protect your vehicle against minor cosmetic damages that could produce chips, peeling or flaking of your Tesla’s original paint. It’s a proven PPF and great paint protection film for your Tesla Cybertruck

    Paint Protection Film
    tesla cybertruck

    Impact Absorbing Polyurethane

    The technology used to design the SunTek PPF is a rubber-like material that reduces the impact of small force objects like rocks, bugs, and other minor road hazards. Additional components were formulated in SunTek’s paint protection film to help reduce damage from UV rays which could cause pre-mature fading or discoloration.


    Paint Safe And Removable Adhesive

    SunTek created a PPF that covers all the bases for your Tesla Cybertruck’s protection. Its removable adhesive was formulated to go on smooth and come off easy, without damaging your Tesla’s original paint. The acrylic based adhesive bonds to the original paint adding years of protection and can be removed without damage.

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