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    PPF And Ceramic Coating Installers

    Ghost Labs is an automotive protective company that offers services such as PPF, window tinting, ceramic coating, and more. Our licensed technicians are partnered with Suntek to provide your vehicle with lasting protection up to 12 years. Give your vehicle the gift of everlasting shine with clear-bra film and ceramic protection; these options shield your cars exterior from environmental damage, fading, scuffs and more. 602-345-0090


    Paint Protection Film (PPF)

    Paint protection film such as clear-bra is an excellent way to protect your vehicles integrity. Preventative care is excellent for new and used vehicles to lengthen it’s beautiful coat of paint.

    Paint Protection Film
    Window Tinting

    Window Tinting

    Living in Arizona, the sun can be brutal! Window tint is almost necessary to have; it can help keep your vehicle cooler, provides privacy, and can help protect the integrity of your interior.


    PPF Install For Tesla

    Protect your investment with Ghost Labs Tesla Solutions. We are a certified installation specialists for Tesla PPF and trusted by many owners across the valley. 

    PPF for Tesla

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